10 Truths About Acne

First Acne effects nearly 90% of the adolescent population, so you’re not alone. Not only do most people deal with it, it’s more than likely got nothing to do with the way you eat, wash, or treat your skin.

Myth #1) Junk food causes acne. Wrong! Pizza, chocolate, coke or any other junk food has never been linked to causing acne. I still wouldn’t recommend continuing to eat the junk food and continuing to treat your body less than perfect. A sensible diet will only help you along the way, and HAS been proven to help your body feel better and increase your natural producing energy levels.

Myth #2) Acne is caused by dirt. Nope! It might sound strange, but washing your face more than twice a day or scrubbing with pads or flannels will make it worse. Acne treatment needs mild gentle soap and to rinse thoroughly.

Myth #3) Sweat will clear my pores. Again…Wrong! Your body actually produces oils as well as moisture and that will actually clog your pores making it more likely to have blemishes. In order to really avoid this, I recommend showering/ bathing immediately after any physical activity where you perspire.

Myth #4) Women’s Make-up can cause Acne. MYTH! There has been no scientific evidence proving this link. In fact, more and more, these days companies are manufacturing these products to promote healthy skin. So this is not the problem. If you have make-up on during work outs, this can cause a problem as certain make up will cause an oil build up.

Myth #5) Stress Causes Acne. NOPE! Stress can actually trigger some hormones which could aggravate the situation, but it is not the cause.

Truth #6) You Cannot Completely CURE Acne… But you can treat it! There are a lot of good acne treatments on the market.

Myth #7) Sun can help. Wrong! It can in time worsen the situation. A tan might give the effect that your skin looks better, but it certainly will do it no good. This could in fact create oil build up again.

Myth #8) Spot Acne Treatment Works. WOAH…WRONG! The whole face has to be treated because most of the problems are formed UNDER the skin. So just treating the top of the skin in certain spots will do NOTHING for you actually.

Myth #9) You will OUTGROW acne. MYTH! You need to get it treated, or this will last you a lifetime.

Truth #10) It’s Only Cosmetic. You’re right…it’s completely cosmetic and won’t ACTUALLY do anything to your body; however, since there are treatments you should definitely take advantage of them.

Some added advice:

Don’t pick, pop, or squeeze.

Keep your hands off your face, as they retain oils and will add them to your face.

Find a solution and stick with it.

Do not over was.

Most importantly…treatments are available and you should try several if your first doesn’t work.

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