Different Methods of Testing for Alcohol Consumption

Different Methods of Testing for Alcohol Consumption

Dependence on alcohol can have damaging effects not only to our overall health, but to our life as well. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to many different kinds of diseases, including irreversible ones like liver problems. Too much alcohol can also negatively affect our emotional and mental state, causing us to have less control over our actions. It helps to submit our self to an alcohol test if we believe we are starting to have problems with alcohol consumption. This can allow experts to better diagnose our alcohol dependency so they can recommend ways on how we can better manage our problems with alcohol.

There are different kinds of alcohol tests available. There are alcohol self tests wherein a respondent will be asked to answer a series of questions relating to alcohol consumption. This kind of screening test helps determine if a person indeed has problems with alcohol. The questions included in this kind of alcohol test will typically involve a person’s use of alcoholic beverages during the past year. Self tests will not really yield accurate results because answers are based on the most appropriate choices. Nevertheless, alcohol self tests can give experts an idea of how much or how little alcohol a certain respondent regularly consumes.

There are also online tools that help calculate the amount of alcohol that might be in your blood. These online blood alcohol content calculators will normally ask you to supply specific information so that a near accurate calculation can be made. Blood alcohol content typically varies according to age, sex, body type, body size, and many other factors. Online blood alcohol content calculators will typically generate indicative results which cannot be used as evidence during court proceedings.

Diagnostic or testing laboratories typically test for alcohol levels in the blood using urine specimens. Urine alcohol tests are non-invasive forms of alcohol testing wherein biomarker test kits are typically used to detect the presence of alcohol in the urine. Urine alcohol tests can be requested to check if people who are legally prohibited from consuming alcohol have taken a drink during the past 24 hours. There are also offices that have random alcohol testing policies wherein employees are randomly subjected to alcohol tests to check if anyone is reporting to the office while under the influence of intoxicating substances.

Other forms of alcohol tests include blood alcohol test and hair alcohol test. These types of alcohol tests typically yield accurate result and can give a history of alcohol consumed for a longer period of time. This is because alcohol tends to be present in the blood and hair longer than it does in urine.

In a world of changing ethics and propelling questions drug tests have a variety of uses. A hair drug test is something the athletic organizations, forensics, insurance companies and large corporations will need to be aware of. Hair drug testing is one of the top methods because it can provide an accurate history of use and is the longest lasting piece of evidence.

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